Seismic station: IMI - Imperia, Monte Faudo

Place: Imperia, monte Faudo (IM)
Station Code: IMI
Latitude: 43.9104 N
Longitude: 7.8919 E
Elevation: 830 m
Sensor: Nanometrics Trillium 40 (HH)
Digitizer: Nanometrics Taurus
Timing sync: GPS
Transmission system: Gprs/LTE
Power: Solar Panels
Dataless: Download
Inst. Date: 05 / 2007 (1983)
History: From 04/2007 to 10/2017
Transmission system: WiFi + Internet (GARR)

From 1983 to 04/2007
Sensor: Geotech S13 (1C)
Digitizer: Lennartz 5800
Timing sync: DCF
Transmission system: CDA Modem

Last hours waveforms

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Seismic signals quality control (PSD)