XXXVIII Course / 38° Ciclo

Title / Titolo Lecturers / Docenti Curricula CFU Details / Informazioni
Basics of applied statistics and probability: applications with R Barani Simone, Chiantore Mariachiara Interdisciplinary 6.00 PDF icon INTER_Barani-Chiantore_STAT_0.pdf
Green technologies for contaminated sites Marescotti Pietro, Roccotiello Enrica, Vercelli Gianni, Zotti Mirca Interdisciplinary 5.00 PDF icon INTER_Marescotti-Roccotiello-Vercelli-Zotti_STAT_0.pdf
Electron microscopy and microanalysis for Earth, environment, cultural heritage and life sciences applications Gaggero Laura Interdisciplinary 4.00 PDF icon INTER_Gaggero_STAT.pdf
GIS, mapping and spatial analysis Mandarino Andrea Interdisciplinary 4.00 PDF icon INTER_Mandarino_STAT.pdf
Environmental analytical chemistry Narizzano Riccardo Interdisciplinary 3.00 PDF icon INTER_Narizzano_STAT_0.pdf
Advanced Scanning Probe Microscope Facci Paolo Interdisciplinary 2.00 PDF icon INTER_Facci_STAT_0.pdf
How to organize a scientific presentation Salvidio Sebastiano, Grasselli Elena Interdisciplinary 2.00 PDF icon INTER_Salvidio-Grasselli_STAT_0.pdf
Why elemental speciation in aqueous media is the reading key in total environment understanding ? Vetuschi Zuccolini Marino Interdisciplinary 2.00 PDF icon INTER_Zuccolini.pdf
Discrete signal processing and data inversion in MATLAB Armadillo Egidio Earth Sciences 6.00 PDF icon GEO_Armadillo_STAT_0.pdf
Applied Micromorphology Rellini Ivano Earth Sciences 5.00 PDF icon GEO_Rellini_STAT.pdf
Methods for landslide susceptibility and hazard analysis Pepe Giacomino Earth Sciences 5.00 PDF icon GEO_Pepe_STAT.pdf
Introduction to ore microscopy Cabella Roberto Earth Sciences 4.00 PDF icon GEO_Cabella_STAT_0.pdf
Tectonophysics Verdoya Massimo Earth Sciences 4.00 PDF icon GEO_Verdoya_STAT_0.pdf
Mineral physics of planetary interiors: from high-pressure experiments to computational modelling Belmonte Donato Earth Sciences 4.00 PDF icon GEO_Belmonte_STAT_0.pdf
Metamorphic Fluids in the Lithosphere Scambelluri Marco Earth Sciences 4.00 PDF icon GEO_Scambelluri_STAT_0.pdf
Urban geomorphology. Landforms and Processes in Cities Faccini Francesco Earth Sciences 3.00 PDF icon GEO_Faccini_STAT_0.pdf
Microtectonics Crispini Laura, Federico Laura, Montomoli Chiara Earth Sciences 3.00 PDF icon GEO_Crispini-Federico-Montomoli_MT_STAT_0.pdf
Advanced Crystallography Martinelli Alberto Mario Earth Sciences 2.00 PDF icon GEO_Martinelli_STAT_0.pdf
Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin analysis for industrial applications Briguglio Antonino Earth Sciences 2.00 PDF icon GEO_Briguglio_STAT_0.pdf
Acquisition and analysis of digital data: an application to seismic microzonation Ferretti Gabriele Earth Sciences 2.00 PDF icon GEO_Ferretti_STAT_0.pdf
Mineralization versus biomineralization: an overview Carbone Cristina Earth Sciences 2.00 PDF icon GEO_Carbone_STAT_0.pdf
Multimodal optical microscopy for living systems Diaspro Alberto Biology 4.00 PDF icon BIO_Diaspro_STAT.pdf
Impact of pathogenic fungi in animal and plant life Zotti Mirca Biology 4.00 PDF icon BIO_Zotti-Di Piazza_STAT_0.pdf
Principles of Conservation Translocation of Living Organisms and Ecological Restoration Mariotti Mauro Giorgio Biology 4.00 PDF icon BIO_Mariotti_T&ER_STAT_0.pdf
Habitat monitoring in the European Union (Art. 17 of the Habitats Directive) Mariotti Mauro Giorgio Biology 4.00 PDF icon BIO_Mariotti_HAMO_STAT_0.pdf
Sampling design and strategies for monitoring terrestrial ecosystems Giordani Paolo Biology 4.00 PDF icon BIO_Giordani_STAT_0.pdf
Botany and micology applied to agriculture and environment Roccotiello Enrica, Zotti Mirca Biology 4.00 PDF icon BIO_Roccotiello-Zotti_STAT_0.pdf
Methods and Principles of Biogeography Casazza Gabriele Biology 2.00 PDF icon BIO_Casazza_STAT.pdf
Mitochondria: more than just a powerhouse. Tools to study mitochondrial morphology and function Vergani Laura Biology 2.00 PDF icon BIO_Vergani-Baldini_STAT_0.pdf
Advanced techniques for gene expression profile analyses and next generation sequencing of genomes in living organisms Scarfì Sonia Biology 2.00 PDF icon BIO_Scarfì_STAT_0.pdf
Image analysis using ImageJ Ferrando Sara Biology 2.00 PDF icon BIO_Ferrando_STAT.pdf
Micromorphological characterization of plant tissues Cornara Laura Biology 2.00 PDF icon BIO_Cornara_STAT.pdf
Nucleic acid extraction techniques from biological systems and environmental matrices for NGS and DNA barcoding Pozzolini Marina Biology 2.00 PDF icon BIO_Pozzolini_STAT_0.pdf
From the experimental design to a (scientific) job interview Vanin Stefano Biology 2.00 PDF icon BIO_Vanin_STAT_0.pdf