Perugia was an important Etruscan center and later a medieval city and today it preserves traces of all the historical periods it has undergone. Today it is the bright and smart capital of the Umbria region, a major cultural and tourist destination and home of the famous University for over 700 years, the Academy of Arts, the Music Conservatory and the University for Foreigners attracting students from all over the world and giving to the city a strong international configuration.


Perugia allows you to visit numerous public and private museums, artistic craft workshops, excellent food and beautiful views of the Umbrian valley as well as the opportunity to visit other charming towns and villages and near cities such as Rome and Florence.

Perugino, Pinturicchio and Raffaello and contemporary artists such as  Burri and Beuys will accompany you among the notes of Umbria Jazz, of  Sagra Musicale Umbra, theatrical performances both in the historic theaters and in small experimental theaters and in the outdoor squares, to then continue the visit of libraries, extraordinary monuments and occasions for meetings and debates tasting excellent chocolate.

Perugia, the green heart of Italy, will be a stimulating experience for its openness to different cultures and religions and for the relevance of this city of art that offers an image of the best Italy.