The philosophy behind the conference program is based on the following aspects which are in great consideration for the FORAMS2022 organizing committee:

Giving as much time as possible for poster discussion. Poster sessions are always allocated during coffee breaks and, in this configuration, allow a total of 4 hours discussion if 2 poster groups are made.

Giving plenty of oral slots avoiding the unpleasant downgrade from talk to poster for those willing to present their contribution as an oral one. In this configuration with 3 parallel sessions we can accommodate 306 oral slots.

Allowing sponsor boots to be all time visible and present during all coffee breaks. Sponsor boots will be placed in the same hall where posters will be displayed and where coffee with refreshments will be served.

Organizing a proper city tour to give everyone the possibility to enjoy the history and architecture of Perugia.

Make sure there is plenty of time for discussion especially for young and early career participants to get in touch with their mentors and peers (please look at our mentoring program!).