JCR Publications


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  • Vincent C, M Maia, A Briais, D Brunelli, M Ligi, S Sichel. Evolution of a cold intra-transform ridge segment through oceanic core complex splitting and mantle exhumation, St Paul Transform system, Equatorial Atlantic. Geochem Geophys Geosyst, 24:e2023GC010870, 2023. VincentEtAl2023-GCubed.pdf


  • Bonazzi M, G Bonacina, EP Massara, A Piva, P Scotti, P Viaggi, A Sanfilippo. Reconstructing redox variations in a young, expanding ocean basin (Cretaceous Central Atlantic). Cretaceous Res, 153:105681, 2024.
  • Ferrando C, G Borghini, C Sani, F Genske, M Ligi, A Stracke, A Sanfilippo. Deep segregation and crystallization of ultra-depleted melts in the sub-ridge mantle. Chem Geol, 643, 121840, 2024. FrrandoEtAl2024-ChemicalGeology.pdf
  • Sanfilippo A, M Bonazzi, Y Cai., N Rasul, L Vigliotti, M Ligi. The role of the Nubian-Arabian shield mantle in the Cenozioc magmatism of western Arabia, in Rifting and Sediments in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf Region, Francis & Taylor, 2024.


Presentations and organization of thematic sessions at conferences


  • Basch V, Sani C, Sanfilippo A et al. Crustal accretion in a back-arc slow-spreading ridge. #gold2020.141, Goldschmidt 2020.
  • Belmonte D. Computational mineralogy: from atomic to global-scale processes. Convegno SIMP-AIC, Pavia 14 Giugno 2019 (invited).
  • Belmonte D. Thermodynamics, elasticity and phase stability of grossite at high pressure and temperature. MISCA V 2019 – Napoli, 4-7/09/2019 (invited).
  • Belmonte D. Thermodynamics and melting phase relations of MgSiO3 polymorphs. 11th Silicate Melt Workshop, La Petite Pierre, 1-5/10/2019 (invited).
  • Brunelli D, Maia M, Cipriani A, Bonatti E, Ligi M, Seyler M. The Interplay between Mantle fertility and Low Melting Lithologies Defines Crustal Thickness and Tectonic Style at Slow/Ultraslow Spreading Ridges. #T13A-03, AGU Fall Meeting 2019 (invited).
  • Dick HJ, Zhou H, Koepke J, Tivey M, Cheadle MJ, Salters VJM, Alodia G, Bröcker M, Brunelli D et al. Mapping the Mantle on the Marion Rise. #T13A-01, AGU Fall Meeting 2019.

Congresso SIMP-SGI-SoGeI, Parma, 16-19/09/2019

Session S1 Conveners: Mazzuchelli M, Gilio M, Scambelluri M, Belmonte D

Session S11 Conveners: Bonatti E, Ottonello G

  • Belmonte D. Ab initio thermodynamics of deep mantle phase transitions and seismic discontinuities: the role of MgSiO3 polymorphs
  • Li P, Xia Q-K, Dallai L, Bonatti E, Brunelli D, Cipriani A, Ligi M. H2O Enrichement in Residual Mantle Peridotites at a Mid-Atlantic Ridge Segment
  • Ottonello G, Belmonte D, Vetuschi Zuccolini M. Thermochemistry of silicate melts in high-rank simplexes: the new HPA model
  • Vetuschi Zuccolini M, Ottonello G, Belmonte D. TRIangular DIagram and deSCENT line analysis

Session S12 Conveners: Borghini G, Palmiotto C, Sanfilippo A

  • Bonatti E. Early days of the plate tectonics revolution
  • Brunelli D, Maia M, Ligi M, Bonatti E, Briais A, Campos T, Ceuleneer G, Cipriani A, Cuffaro M, Gregory E, Hamelin C, Jbara R, Kaczmarek M-A, Lombardi F, Moreira S, Mougel B, Petracchini L, Puzenat V, Revillon S, Seyler M, Soltanmohammadi A, Verhoest L, Trivellato T, Wang Z. Cold spots at Mid Ocean Ridges help revealing mantle heterogeneity
  • Ligi M, Bonatti E, Brunelli D, Cuffaro M. Global Seafloor Spreading Variations and the Evolution of Seawater Composition since the Mesozoic
  • Verhoest L, Brunelli D, Hemond C, Bonatti E, Ligi M, Cipriani A. Mantle source heterogeneity in the Equatorial Mid Atlantic Ridge

Congresso EGU2020, online, 4-8/05/2020

Session TS8.1 Conveners Duarte J, Maia M, Rodriguez M, Brunelli D, Hanan B

  • Maia M, D Brunelli. The Eastern Romanche ridge-transform intersection: slow spreading under extreme low mantle temperatures. Preliminary results of the SMARTIES cruise, #EGU2020-10314
  • Yu ZC, S Singh, E Gregory, W Crawford, M Maia, D Brunelli. Microseismicity constrains on the lithospheric structure at the ridge-transform intersection at the Romanche Transform Fault and Mid-Atlantic Ridge, #EGU2020-6006


  • Belmonte D, F Cámara, P Lotti, M Merlini, M La Fortezza. Thermodynamics, elasticity and phase stability of grossite (CaAl4O7) at HP-HT. EMPG-XVII, Potsdam, 1-3/3/ 2021.
  • La Fortezza M, D Belmonte. Towards ab initio physically-consistent thermodynamic dataset for deep mantle phases: the case of Mg2SiO4 ringwoodite. Oral presentation. MEREMA 2nd Edition, International School on Mantle Dynamics, Sestri Levante (Italy). 24-29 October 2021.
  • Sanfilippo A. Deep Ocean drilling in lower crust and mantle: why should we go further?. IODP-Italia Webinar 14/05/2021
  • Verhoest L, C Hemond, P Nonnotte, A Cipriani, F Lugli, M Maia, D Brunelli. Cold Spots as a Tool to Reveal Short-Scale Mantle Heterogeneities. AGU Fall Meeting, 13-17/12/2021.

Virtual Meeting GLOM2021, 12/02/2021

  • Bickert M, M Cannat, A Tommasi, S Jammes, L Lavier, D Brunelli. Strain localization at the root of detachment faults: a microstructural study.
  • Skolotnev S, C Ferrando, A Sanfilippo, A.A. Peyve and the S50 Science Party. Sea-floor spreading at the Charlie Gibbs Transform system (52-53ºN, Mid Atlantic Ridge): Preliminary results from A.N. Strakhov Expedition S50.

Congresso EGU2021, online, 19-30/04/2021

  • Basch V, A Sanfilippo, L Vigliotti, A Langone, N Rasul, S. AlNomani, A. AlTharowi, A. Jerais, M. Ligi. Crustal contamination and hybridization of an embryonic oceanic crust during the Red Sea rifting: An example from the Tihama Asir igneous complex, Saudi Arabia, #EGU2021-9474
  • McClay K, B Bosworth, S Khalil, M Ligi, D. Stockli. The Northern Red Sea - a model for rifting leading to continental break-up, #EGU2021-71
  • Sanfilippo A, S. Skolotnev, A. Peyve and the A.N. Strakhov Expedition S50 Science Party. Geology of the Charlie Gibbs transform system (52-53ºN, Mid Atlantic Ridge): preliminary results from Akademik Nikolaj Strakhov Expedition S50, #EGU2021-11160.
  • Sani C, A Sanfilippo, NMA. Rasul, L Vigliotti, N Widinly, AS AlQutub, A Osemi, M Ligi. Hidden but ubiquitous: the pre-rift continental mantle in the Red Sea region, #EGU2021-10863

Webinar IGAG-CNR Aprile 2021 (Oceanic transform faults)

  • Ligi M. Trasformi oceaniche lente e a grande dislocazione: una nuova classe di limiti di placca, 06/04/2021
  • Sanfilippo A. Variable oceanic lithosphere-forming processes in the vicinity of the Doldrums Fracture Zone, Mid Atlantic Ridge, 13/04/2021
  • Cuffaro M. Mantle thermal structure at the Vema transform fault (Mid Atlantic Ridge) by numerical solutions and geophysical constraints, 20/04/2021
  • Brunelli D. The end member of Oceanic detachment at an ultracold Ridge-Megatransform intersection: the Eastern Romanche tectonomagmatic region, 27/04/2021

Invited seminar University of Genova (07/05/2021)

  • Basch V, A Sanfilippo, M Ligi. Formation of the oceanic crust at slow-spreading ridges: understanding megatransform systems (I)
  • Ferrando C. Formation of the oceanic crust at slow-spreading ridges: understanding the megatransform systems (II)

BeGEO, I° Congresso Naz. Giovani GeoScienziati, Napoli, 7-10/10/2021

  • La Fortezza M, D Belmonte. Ab initio thermodynamics of minerals at deep Earth’s conditions: the case of ringwoodite.
  • Bickert M, M Cannat, A Tommasi, S Jammes, L Lavier, D Brunelli. Strain localization in oceanic detachment faults: the extreme case of a magma-starved slow spreading ridge.
  • La Fortezza M, D. Belmonte. Towards ab initio physically-consistent thermodynamic dataset for deep mantle phases: the case of Mg2SiO4 ringwoodite
  • Verhoest L, A Cipriani, C Hémond, F Lombardi, F Lugli, P Nonnotte, M Maia, D Brunelli. Using of cold mantle region to unveil short-scale mantle heterogeneities


  • Urann B, C Sun, D Brunelli. Modulation of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt and Abyssal Peridotite H2O Abundances by Melt-Penetration and Diffusive Equilibration. AGU Fall Meeting 2022, DI22A-02

EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 23-27/05/2022

  • A Sanfilippo, S Skolotnev, M Ligi, A Peyve. Seafloor spreading modes across the Charlie Gibbs transform system (52° N, Mid Atlantic Ridge)
  • C Sani, A Sanfilippo, AA Payve, F Genske, A Stracke. Kilometre-scale isotopic heterogeneity in abyssal peridotites from the Doldrums Fracture Zone (Mid Atlantic Ridge, 7-8ºN)

1° Congresso Nazionale della Società Geochimica Italiana, Genova, 05-08/07/2022

Chair del Congresso, Comitato Scientifico e Comitato Organizzatore: Belmonte D

  • La Fortezza M, Belmonte D. Stability and metastability of MgSiO3 pyroxenes at deep mantle conditions: new insights from ab initio calculations

Goldschmidt Conference 2022, Hawai’i, Honolulu, USA, 11-15/07/2022

  • Motoki KF, TFC Campos, S Sichel, EM Fonseca, M Maia, D Brunelli, L Barão, JV Neto, T Vargas, P Szatmari, AMR Neiva, A Motoki. Compressive tectonics recorded in the joint system of the St. Peter and St. Paul Archipelago, Equatorial Atlantic Ocean
  • Owens JD, SM Newby, S Li, TR Them, G Bonacina, A Sanfilippo. Spatiotemporal redox variability enveloping an Oceanic Anoxic Event
  • A Sanfilippo Vanishing traces of mantle heterogeneity in the oceanic crust

Congresso AIC-SILS 2022, Trieste, 12-15/09/2022

Comitato Scientifico: Belmonte D

Session MS-04 Conveners: Belmonte D, Giuli G

  • La Fortezza M, Belmonte D, Menescardi F. Ab initio thermodynamics of MgSiO3 protoenstatite at HT-HP conditions.
  • Menescardi ., Ceresoli D, Belmonte D. Molecular dynamics strategies to determine the melting curve of CaO – Premio per la miglior presentazione orale assegnato dal Cambridge Crystallographic Data Center.

Congresso SGI-SIMP 2022, Torino, 19-21/09/2022

Comitato Organizzatore: Belmonte D.

  • La Fortezza M, Belmonte D. Ab initio thermodynamics of MgSiO3 protoenstatite at high temperatures and implications for planetary processes.

Conferenza Rittmann 2022, Catania, 29/09/2022-01/10/2022

  • Belmonte D. Assessing the role of equilibrium thermodynamics in magma evolution by molecular dynamics and phase diagram calculations.


ECORD MagellanPlus Workshop “MAREXKUS”, Roma, Italy, 1-3/03/20’23

Comitato Organizzatore: Sanfilippo A, Cuffaro M

EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 23-28/04/2023

  • Belmonte D, M La Fortezza., F Menescardi. Ab initio-assisted computational thermodynamics: a modern approach to phase diagram calculation at planetary conditions #EGU23-14346
  • Bickert M, MA Kaczmarek, M Maia, D Brunelli. Fluid-assisted deformation processes at the roots of oceanic transform faults
  • Grenet L, M Maia, C Hamelin, A Briais, D Brunelli. Construction of the neo-volcanic area of a slow-spreading ridge in a cold mantle context: Mid-Atlantic Ridge Eastern Intersection with Romanche Transform Fault
  • La Fortezza M., Belmonte D. Ab initio thermodynamics and phase stability of MgSiO3 pyroxene polymorphs: new insights on protoenstatite #EGU23-12045
  • Maia M, A Briais, L Petracchini, M Cuffaro, M Ligi, D Brunelli, L Grenet, C Hamelin. Temporal variation in spreading processes at the Eastern Romanche-Mid-Atlantic Ridge intersection

SEP IODP Summer Meeting, June 2023

Comitato Organizzatore: Sanfilippo A

Goldschmidt Conference 2023, Lyon, France, 9-14/07/2023

  • Flahaut J, E Pelleter, M Maia, O Rouxel, J Langlade, S Cheron, A Boissier, D Brunelli. Geological, mineralogical, and geochemical characterization of an inactive ultramafic-hosted seafloor massive sulfide (SMS) deposit: Example of the RTI Romanche (MAR)
  • Motoki KF, TF Campos, S Sichel, JH Araujo, VFS Pastura, L Barão, EM Fonseca, M Maia, J Navoni, T Vargas, P Szatmari, D Brunelli. St. Peter and St. Paul archipelago, Equatorial Atlantic: your surface radiogenic heat flow suggest that is colder than the surroundings lithospheric Atlantic Ocean
  • Verhoest L, C Hémond, A Cipriani, P Nonnotte, M Maia, D Brunelli. Small-scale Mantle Heterogeneities revealed by Mid Ocean Ridge cold spots

Session 2e Convener: Sanfilippo A

  • Berno D, A Sanfilippo, M Bonazzi, J Fedorik, A Afifi. Post-accretion magmatic events in the Arabian Shield: insights from the Neoproterozoic Khamal intrusive complex
  • Ferrando C, G Borghini, C Sani, F Genske, A Stracke, A Sanfilippo. Deep segregations of ultra-depleted melts in abyssal pyroxenite layers
  • Sani C, A Sanfilippo, A Peyve, F Genske, A Stracke. Variable depletion signatures in the oceanic upper mantl

Congresso congiunto SIMP-SGI-SoGeI-AIV 2023, Potenza, 19-21/09/2023

Comitato Organizzatore: Belmonte D

  • La Fortezza M, D Belmonte. Stability and metastability of MgSiO3 pyroxenes at deep mantle conditions: new insights from ab initio calculations.