Who we are

The Department of Earth, Environment and Life Sciences come from the will of professors and researchers, with different expertise and scientific backgrounds, to merge into a single structure scientific interest, research topics and training purposes. DISTAV is the descendant of the Department of Earth Sciences, the Institute of Botany, the Institute of Marine Environmental Sciences, the Institute of Zoology and the Department of Biology.

The department activities and interests are oriented towards the analysis of a wide spectrum of subjects belonging to Earth, Environment and Life sciences. By exploiting the heterogeneous scientific background, the academic staff and researchers are engaged in developing research fields aimed at constantly increasing the skills of the Department. 
Furthermore, the Department promotes dissemination activities aimed at enhancing Earth, Environment and Life sciences also by pursuing the development of innovative teaching strategies which maximizes the interdisciplinary nature of the Department.

DISTAV proposes and manages the teaching activities of 5 Degree Courses (Biology, Earth Sciences, Environmental & Natural Sciences, Techniques for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritages), two doctoral courses along with national and international Masters.

The Department develops activities both in the field of theoretical and applied research. Academic staff and researchers are engaged in many national (PRIN, PNRA, POR FESR, FAS, MIPAF) and international research projects and programs (INTERREG, LIFE).

Last update 16 September 2022