Research topics

Marine and terrestrial biodiversity and environmental sustainability

Monitoring, conservation and environmental remediation

Remediation and improvement of environmental quality

Life sciences

Earth's dynamics and evolution

  • Geodynamics and tectonics of the Earth and other planets. Origin of oceanic lithosphere, subduction processes, fluid-rock interaction, geodynamic processes of rocky planets and exoplanets.
  • Thermal and thermodynamic processesGeothermal energy and heat flow, internal structure and evolution of submarine volcanoes and hydrothermal systems, thermodynamic and chemical-physical properties of minerals inside the Earth.
  • Surface processes and biosphere evolutionCoastal, fluvial and periglacial modelling processes, studies on the morphology and structure of Italian seas and sectors of the Ross Sea for geo-environmental risks, paleontological research applied to paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

Geological and geothematic mapping applied to the territory.

Geological and environmental risks

Last update 28 February 2024