Geodynamics and tectonics of the Earth and other planets

Upper mantle processes at extensional settings and genesis of the oceanic lithosphere

  1. Scale and origin of chemical and isotopic heterogeneities in the upper mantle (C. Ferrando, E. Rampone);
  2. Structural and thermal evolution of the oceanic lithosphere (F. Caratori TontiniL. Crispini, C. Ferrando, E. Rampone)
  3. Melt migration and melt/rock interaction in the lithospheric mantle and lower oceanic crust (L. Crispini, C. Ferrando, E. Rampone)
  4. Interplay between deformation and late-stage melt migration in the gabbroic crust (C. Ferrando);
  5. Relationships between deformation and fluid-rock interactions during hydrothermal circulation and serpentinization (F. Caratori TontiniL. Crispini, M. Scambelluri).

Multidisciplinary research based on field, laboratory and geophysical studies on Alpine/Apennine, Oman ophiolitic sequences and modern oceanic lithosphere (Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Southwest Indian Ridge) and back-arc basins (Havre Trough, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea), in collaboration with national and international institutions and laboratories (Universities of Milano, Pavia, Muenster, CNRS Geosciences Montpellier, CNRS-GET Toulouse, CNRS-CRPG Nancy, GNS Science, INGV, IGG-CNR Pavia).

Subduction and collision-related processes at compressional settings

  1. The built up of orogenic belts, subduction and exhumation of oceanic and continental lithosphere, mélange formation, late to post-orogenic processes and depositional systems (L. Crispini, L. Federico, M. Piazza, M. Scambelluri)
  2. Burial and transformation to high and ultrahigh-pressures of the oceanic and continental lithosphere, fluid/rock chemical interaction during subduction, physical behavior of rock forming minerals at low- to high- and ultrahigh-pressure conditions (L. Crispini, F. Elter, L. Federico, L. Gaggero, M. Scambelluri)
  3. Rock devolatilization and fluid release, volatile and fluid-mobile element transfer, metasomatism of supra-subduction mantle and deep carbon cycle in subduction zones (M. Scambelluri, E. Rampone).

Field-based studies of oceanic and continental lithosphere from the Alps and Apennine, Bétic Cordillera (Spain), Dabie-Sulu (China), Caledonides (Norway), Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica), Oman (UAE), Sardinia (Italy) in the framework of national and international projects and collaborations (e.g. PRIN-MIUR, PNRA; Universities of Milano, Padova, Pavia, Berlin Bremen, Bern,  Boston College Lehigh- USA, Utrecht, Sorbonne Paris BGR-Hannover, CNRS Geosciences Montpellier).

Tectonics and syntectonic fluid-rock interaction

  1. Fault-related deformation, on-land and offshore tectonic structures, paleostress analysis, fault zones and seismicity (L. Crispini, P. Cianfarra, L. Federico, D. Morelli, M. Scambelluri)
  2. Fluid-mediated rock deformation, veining and mineralizations (L. Crispini, L. Federico, P. Marescotti).

Studies performed in the framework of national and international projects and collaborations (e.g.;  PRIN_MIUR, PNRA, ODP-IODP, ICDP; University of Milano, Pavia, Roma3, Bremen, Michighan, Malaysia, BGR-Hannover, Geosciences Montpellier).

Geodynamic processes of rocky planets and exoplanets

  1. Geodynamic evolution of terrestrial planets, with a focus on Mars, and comparisons with rocky exoplanets (P. Cianfarra, L. Crispini, G. Ferretti, S. Tosi)
  2. Tectonic modeling of Martian polar caps (P. Cianfarra)
  3. Tectonics of Icy Planetary surfaces in the Solar System (P. Cianfarra)
  4. Terrestrial analogues for the study of tectonic styles and environments (A. Briguglio, R. Cabella, P.Cianfarra, M. Piazza).

Studies performed in the framework of national (INAF-TNG and REM) and international projects (EUROPLANET2024). Collaborations with national and international institutions and observatories (INAF;INFN; OARPAF; TNG, Canary Is.; ORSA).

Last update 21 December 2022