Biomonitoring of marine environment, marine microbiology and mycology

The research includes different aspects of environmental biology focused on the marine environment:  within this researh theme, researchers at DISTAV carry out multiple research activities, such as:

  1. Biomomitoring of health conditions of coastal marine ecosystems by the multibiomarker approach of environmental stress in invertebrates and fish (T. BalbiL. Canesi)
  2. Biology and Genetics of Marine microrganisms ( E. BosiE. Taviani, L. Vezzulli) - Biology, genetics and ecology of Vibrio cholerae and other Vibrio pathogenic for humans and animals in the marine environment - Effects of global warming on marine microbial communities - Global ecology and biogeography of marine microrganisms  - Microbiomes of marine organisms    
  3. Mycology: biology, ecology isolation, characterization and conservation of fungal strains, also for biotechnologicla applications (M. Capello, S. Di Piazza, M. Zotti)
Last update 21 December 2022