The Department of Earth, Environment and Life Sciences (DISTAV) has plenty of important scientific collections, both historical and recent, connected to various branches of Biology and Geology, which include samples, scientific equipment and archival materials.

DISTAV is actively engaged in initiatives and projects aimed at recovering, classifying, inventorying, digitizing and enhancing the cultural heritage and museum collections, as well as sharing them during public events and exhibitions.

Among the recent initiatives, we mention the project "University of Genoa for Scientific Culture (Unige-CS)", promoted by the University of Genoa and dedicated to the systematic recognition, digitization and dissemination of Cultural Heritage.

As regards the materials stored at the DISTAV, particular attention was paid to biological and geological collections (i.e., paleontological, zoological, botanical, mineralogical, ornamental stone, etc.).

Some of the collections inventoried will be the subject of specific publications in the Genoa University Press (GUP) series devoted to the Museum System of the University of Genoa (

At the DISTAV headquarters there are some important museums that belong to the Museum Complex of the School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences (

Chemistry Museum -

National Antarctic Museum (Genoa branch) -

Biology Museum (Comparative Anatomy collections) - For further details and information contact

Last update 8 August 2022