Laboratory of Comparative Anatomy

LOCATION: (building, floor, room): Palazzina delle Scienze, 1° floor, I-02, I-04, I-09, I-19

RESEARCH TOPICS: Functional morphology of fishes, focused on the sensory, nervous, tegumentary, reproductive, and digestive systems. More specific, ongoing topics:
- Histological assessment of fish welfare in innovative aquaculture
- Comparative anatomy of the olfactory system in Elasmobranch species
- Morphology of teleost elasmoid scales, forensic and morpho-functional aspects
- Gonad histology and life cycle of fish species

RESEARCH GROUP MEMBERS: Prof. Sara Ferrando, Dr. Andrea Amaroli, Stefano Aicardi (PhD student)

LINK TO RESEARCH LINES, PROJECTS AND PUBLICATIONS: Google Scholar profile of the PI : Laboratory of Comparative Anatomy website:

LABORATORY EQUIPMENT: 1 microtome, 1 epifluorescence microscope, 2 light transmitted microscopes, 3 stereomicroscopes, 2 ovens, 2  centrifuges, 1 thermostatic bath

TEACHING ACTIVITIES: Experimental activities for Bachelor and Master theses in Biology, and Environmental and Natural Sciences. Preparation of the practical activities for the Embryology and Comparative Anatomy class (Bachelor Degree in Biology, and Environmental una Natural Sciences) and for the Archaeozoology class (Master Degree of in Archaeology)

Last update 19 February 2023