Benthic Ecology Lab

LOCATION: Building 9 (A) - Polo Didattico, viale Benedetto XV, 3 - Genoa - 1st floor
 RESEARCH TOPICS: Study of the structure, dynamics and functioning of benthic ecosystems under the scenario of local and global human-induced changes; Ecological restoration of marine species and habitats through innovative and sustainable approaches; Assessment of ecological quality under the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC and Marine Strategy; Assessment of the relative importance of local and regional processes on biodiversity and resilience of benthic communities; Study of blooms of the toxic benthic microalga Ostreopsis ovata in temperate areas through ecological, eco-toxicological, management and modeling approaches; Blue and circular economy involving organisms from different trophic levels in virtuous circuits to transform wastes into resources.

RESEARCH GROUP MEMBERS: Mariachiara Chiantore, Valentina Asnaghi, Anna Maria Rossi, Maria Paola Ferranti, Lorenzo Meroni, Jacopo Cimini, Rachel Clausing

LINK TO RESEARCH LINES, PROJECTS AND PUBLICATIONS: Mariachiara Chiantore - Valentina Asnaghi

LABORATORY EQUIPMENT: Inverted microscope, microscopes and stereomicroscopes, 3 of which are equipped with video camera; chemical hood; multi-parameter probe complete with accessories and sensors; refrigeration thermostat, freezer, portable luxmeter, portable pHmeter; cameras, rotary evaporator, glassware cabinet; aquariums/experimental tanks; lights for macroalgal cultures; bioreactors for microalgae cultures

TEACHING ACTIVITIES: (if present) Principi di Ecologia; Esercizi di Ecologia; Ecologia Antartica; Acquacoltura sostenibile: aspetti ecologici ed economici; Introduction to Marine Biology and Ecology; Restoration Ecology; Basics of applied statistics and probability: application with R. ASNAGHI: Ecologia Quantitativa; Restoration Ecology; Marine Biodiversity Management; Basics of applied statistics and probability: application with R.

Last update 19 February 2023