Laboratory of Oceanography and Marine Ecology

LOCATION: Palazzo delle Scienze (Edificio 12) third floor, rooms 3.26, 3.28 e 3.06

RESEARCH TOPICS: The samples collected in the marine environment (coastal and offshore, in the water column, sediment, plankton and benthos) are processed following chemical and biological analyses, in the framework of the environmental monitoring and scientific ecological research. Microscale experiments are carried out, focusing on the lower levels of the food web and their interactions. Qualitative and quantitative determinations of the organic matter and of its turnover are carried out, as well as evaluations of primary, secondary and bacterial biomass. Qualitative and quantitative evaluations of zooplanktonic and macrobetonic communities are carried out.  In the last years, macro- and microplastic-derived pollution has been analysed.

RESEARCH GROUP MEMBERS: Prof. Cristina Misic, Prof. Mario Petrillo

LINK TO RESEARCH LINES, PROJECTS AND PUBLICATIONS: link to the CV of the laboratory contact person ( and to Scopus (

LABORATORY EQUIPMENT: Spectrofluorometer Jasco FP750, Spectrophotometer Jasco V530, CE 1110 Elemental analyzer, Mettler precision balance, centrifuge, thermostatic chamber, optical microscopes and stereomicroscopes, epifluorescence microscope, devices and no. 3 vacuum pumps for filtration, various laboratory instruments (vortex, magnetic stirrer, wet and dry heaters) and glassware, zooplankton samplers (nets) and grabs for sediment. 

TEACHING ACTIVITIES: Practical activities of the courses: Applied ecology, Analysis of ecological data - Laboratory, Environmental Campaign of the Bachelor degree in Environmental and Natural Sciences are carried out in the laboratory, as well as the practical treatment and anaysis of samples for internships and thesis.  


Last update 19 February 2023