Seascape Ecology Laboratory

LOCATION: Palazzo delle Scienze, Third Floor, III-39

RESEARCH TOPICS: The Seascape Ecology Laboratory carries out underwater visual surveys and samplings by scientific scuba diving on coastal marine habitats (seagrasses, submerged marine caves, infralittoral and circalitorial rocky reefs, tropical coral reefs) and carries out environmental monitoring on the macrobenthic component, also in relation to human interventions. It carries out assessments of the ecological status of marine habitats, community analysis and evaluation of the effects of biological invasions, analysis of historical data series, bionomic characterization, thematic and territorial mapping of the seascape, analysis of video-photographic images, restoration of species and habitats.

RESEARCH GROUP MEMBERS: Monica Montefalcone, Alice Oprandi, Annalisa Azzola, Ilaria Mancini

LINK TO RESEARCH LINES, PROJECTS AND PUBLICATIONS: link to the CV of the Laboratory contact person:

LABORATORY EQUIPMENT: Diving equipments, underwater scooters, underwater video-cameras and photo-cameras with frames, suction sampler, hand-corer, equipment for scraping, visual survey frames, metric ribs for transects, plotter printer, image analysis software, statistical analysis software, GIS analysis software

TEACHING ACTIVITIES: The Laboratory carries out teaching and dissemination activities, providing classes, seminars, and conferences on issues related to marine ecology and environmental conservation. Teachings provided: Seascape Ecology (6 CFU), Ecology (6 CFU), Underwater Science (2 CFU), Tropical Marine Ecology (3 CFU)

Last update 19 February 2023