Experimental Geophysics and Radiometrics

LOCATION: Building 8, III floor, Room 18

RESEARCH TOPICS: thermal and index properties of rocks (thermal conductivity, diffusivity, porosity and density), terrestrial heat-flow determination, temperature logging thermal modeling of heat and mass trasfer in the underground, natural radioactivity, climate change inferred from underground temperature records, geophysical exploration of geothermal fields, shallow geothermics

RESEARCH GROUP MEMBERS: Prof. M. Verdoya, Dr. Paolo Chiozzi

LINK TO RESEARCH LINES, PROJECTS AND PUBLICATIONS: https://distav.unige.it/en/node/706

Portable 256 channel NaI range scintillometer 
Portable Bismuth Germanate gamma scintillometer (BGO) 2048 channels 
laboratory NaI(Tl) scintillometer 2048 channels
Isomet 104 conductivity meter with needle probe
Conductivity meter "Transient divided bar" 
Thermostatic pool and thermocouples
Resistance thermometers Pt 100 with cables of 100-200-300 m
Portable radon gas analyzer

TEACHING ACTIVITIES: Geothermics, Petrophysics

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Last update 20 February 2023