Cell Culture Laboratory

LOCATION: Palazzina delle Scienze, 2st Floor, Room II.30

- Transfection experiments to study neuronal differentiation and neurodegenerative diseases
- Cell cultures preparation to study the activity of NK cell function against gynecological cancer
- Evaluation of the biological activity of plant bioactive compounds both through enzymatic tests and in vitro tests on cell cultures (fibroblasts and keratinocytes).

RESEARCH GROUP MEMBERS: Simona Candiani, Matteo Bozzo, Deianira Bellitto, Laura Cornara, Paola Malaspina, Cristina Danna, Andrea Amaroli, Armando Carpaneto

Cell culture laminar flow hood, carbon dioxide incubator, refrigerators, freezer, centrifuge.

TEACHING ACTIVITIES: Experimental activity for Bachelor and Master thesis in Biology, Environmental and Natural Sciences, and Biotechnology. 


Last update 21 February 2023