Genoa Botanic Garden


The Botanical Garden of the University of Genoa was established in 1803 in a small portion (2000 square meters) of the ancient estate of the Collegio di S.Gerolamo in Balbi and was completed with the purchase of the remaining part of the Pietraminuta estate, reaching a total area of ten thousand square meters.

With Ottone Penzig, also thanks to his relations with Thomas Hanbury in La Mortola (Ventimiglia), the new Institute of Botany was established to allow the botanical studies of Genoa a dignified home.

The damage caused by the Second World War was recovered over time by the following directions, which increased both the restoration of the structures and of the herbarium and the collections of specimens, most of which can be visited by the general public.

RESEARCH TOPICS: Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning; Bioremediation and biomonitoring using fungi and plants; Ecotoxic elements and environmental degradation; Extraction and evaluation of the effects of bioactive molecules; Assessment and digital cartography of pressures, threats and risks for biodiversity.

RESEARCH GROUP MEMBERS: G. Casazza, L. Cornara, S. Di Piazza, P. Malaspina, M. Mariotti, L. Minuto, E. Roccotiello, M. Zotti

TEACHING ACTIVITIES: The Bachelor's degree programs in Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Environmental and Natural Sciences; Landscape Architecture.


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Last update 10 March 2023